Purchased a few accessories and clothing that was on sale as an early birthday present to myself. :3 When they arrive I’m going to be getting a new hairstyle too. Hopefully that will jump start me to wanting to take selfies again.

Also I got my parents into Breaking Bad since they’re replaying all the episodes and my mom asked me to say ‘BITCH!’ like Jesse, omg ahahaha which is pretty silly considering she’s usually rather conservative.


Go - Daniel Johnston

So you think you’ve found the one
And she knows just how you feel
And you say that she’s for real and she’s fun

Well, that’s all well and good
That’s just the way it should be
To understand and be understood is to be free

So I think that you should go
Go on ahead
Take her in your arms and be wed

Go go go go go you restless soul
You’re going to find it
Go go go go go you restless soul
You’re going to find it

Life’s a bowl of cherries
You can have as many as you can carry
And someone once said that life was like a cow
But I don’t know how that applies

But anyhow here we are all on this planet
Taking everything for granted
But I think you’ve caught on to something
Don’t let go

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omg dude i used to have the biggest crush on will smith when i was a tween. this series helped me develop some of my style, for sure…I didn’t realize it until now but it definitely did. the bright colours and patterns.this is the best reaction photo ever though omggonna use it for everything and morehe’s just so"…u mad?"

omg dude i used to have the biggest crush on will smith when i was a tween. this series helped me develop some of my style, for sure…I didn’t realize it until now but it definitely did. the bright colours and patterns.

this is the best reaction photo ever though omg
gonna use it for everything and more

he’s just so

"…u mad?"

oh myyy
it’s such a beautiful day
i’m sittin at my desk with the curtains and window open
and the wind is sweeping in all these fall smells
and the sun is dancing all over through the bamboo blinds
i love thisss
: 3

dudes like
this is just kinda personal post to myself
but feel free to reply or it ignore it but

idk i feel like i kind of want to date again soon
but like in the past with people i was with
or either really romantically inclined with
have left me for another
or i feel like we really clashed and
effected each other’s lives both
positively and negatively
and yeah i just
i don’t think i could take getting close again
just to have it all fade away
i’ve already lost it before
and i dont need to be that way again hahaha

seriously so

idk what to do really
if i should just wait or pursue

and feelers are such a jerk
they really are…


I crave an adventure. I want to wake up in my car in a town that’s a different climate. I miss that feeling…that rush. A place where nobody knows you and the accent is almost alien.

This time however I’d like to do several art pieces in the wild and isolated parts I come across or wherever inspires me.

Tomorrow is not going to be good, or the next day. I wish I could just sleep through them both completely. Medical procedures and clearing my system…ugh, no fun at all. I haven’t been able to eat, I’ve been nauseous and can’t keep much down and I won’t be able to eat at all tomorrow(even if I wanted to.) I crave health in my life. Never take good health for granted!! It’s a gift.

But besides that, I feel pretty. My hair is long enough to do cute little hair dos…and soon I’ll be bleaching and dying it for the first time in almost a year. I wanted to let it grow out and get some length and health. Also for my birthday which is coming up pretty quick I kind of want to get a new lip piercing since my existing ones have closed. I was thinking a vertical labret but horizontal in the center.

I don’t know. I gotta look up and forward to get through these ill times. I’m exhausted from this.


rip dreadies

; =&#160;;i was so cute omg

; = ;

i was so cute omg

i miss this thing
it was comfy and roomy as fuck
also i look kinda drunk here
awww i miss my hairrr

I found my glasses!


I found my glasses!

There’s someone that I follow who is road tripping across America with their significant other and meeting up with their tumblr followers, sleeping in their car, camping, and couch surfing. They go to sleep in a different town/state than they woke up in. And it’s bringing back a LOT of memories from when I did that a few years ago. Not to mention another person I follow has a boyfriend almost identical to my ex so that’s stirred up some brain waves too.

 It was honestly one of the best times of my life, even though it was very difficult. It was the first time I had been in love and my ex had driven half way across the country to come and meet me on a whim. He lived in his car for about a month and would sleep next to the Mississippi river or at a 24 hour grocerey store parking lot when I hadn’t snuck him into my room. He asked if I wanted to go to California with him to see what it was like, and I wasn’t about to turn down that offer.

Over the course of the summer I visited nearly every state, experienced each climate this country has to offer, cried a lot, laughed a lot, had highs and lows. I nearly died plenty of times. Travel is like that!! We couch surfed a few times which was overall an interesting experience. One person we stayed with in Las Vegas changed my life and we still talk to this day. We ended up deciding to move to LA, and found some sketchy room mates on Craigslist who ended up being terrible.

Goodness, I could talk about the experience for hours and hours…I really miss it. Being excited and not knowing where I was going to end up that night. Sleeping/living in the car was something we had to do often and it was pretty uncomfortable but like I said, some of the best and most memorable moments of my life happened that summer. I’ll never forget it…Not to mention I really miss living on the west coast, goodness I hope that’ll happen again soon.

And to anyone wanting to road trip or travel…if you have the chance, take it. Risk everything for your exciting journey.

oh i need to buy one of those nice sheek and sexy 90s chokers
my favourite purple one broke
and i gave the rainbow one to masha but that broke too

u_u oy, they must become indestructible

going to try a blonde, lavender, and darkish purple hair very soon.
and i’m probably cutting my bangs (typed veins at first…) cute and small as well
i need a change, definitely
this hair has been haunting me for too long
i think extensions and like 4-6 dread extensions would be nice too. ;3//

i thought nothing could go wrong

but i was wrong
i was wrong

you know i’m such a fool for you
you’ve got me wrapped around your finger
do you have to let it linger?
do you have tooo
do youuuu haveee toooooo
do you haveee tooooo let it liinngggeerrrr?

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